WALTER GROPIUS · What is architecture?

WALTER GROPIUS · What is architecture?

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The centenary of the Bauhaus in 2019 brought the figure of its founder, the architect Walter Gropius (1883-1969), back into the focus of our interest. His projects and works, as well as the ideas that gave rise to them, are once again of interest. It is beyond dispute that his contribution to the intellectual construction of modernity was fundamental. In his writings and conferences, Gropius knew how to raise many of the issues that, despite the profound change in conditions and our judgments, continue to occupy us today.

This anthology wants to make this ideology known and thus show its diversity and complexity, in addition to contributing to a critical reconsideration of architectural modernity as the search for an all-encompassing art of total scope that would break down the walls and social conventions that separated the art of life

On the centenary of the legendary interwar school, it is worth clarifying that the Bauhaus was much more than just Gropius, but also that Gropius, an integral architect, wanted to be more than just the Bauhaus.

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