ELLAS · Dictionary of women artists until 1900 (Vol. nº1)
ELLAS · Dictionary of women artists until 1900 (Vol. nº1)

ELLAS · Dictionary of women artists until 1900 (Vol. nº1)

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A total of 717 artists, between the years 1060 and 1900, from more than 50 countries, make up a history of art parallel to the official one . A set of artists, movements, trends, styles, artistic genres and plastic languages that confirms the presence and importance of women artists throughout history, with special attention to the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Essential women artists in their historical moment such as Angelika Kauffmann or Rosa Bonheur, of course Artemisia Gentileschi, and Claude Cahun; but also Alice Austen and Tina Modotti, Georgia O'Keefe, and Marie Laurencin, and Madame Yevonde, or Consuelo Kanaga; Gabriele Münter and Nahui Olin, the Sorolla and Luisa Roldan sisters, or Paula Modersohn-Becker… Photographers, designers, painters, illustrators, cartoonists, sculptors, engravers, filmmakers… From Samoa to France, the United States or Germany, from Ukraine to the Philippines. With an important presence of Latin American pioneers and Spanish artists. A world map of unknown but essential names to complete the true and total history of universal art .

This first volume of ELLAS is the first part of the project that will be completed with a second volume dedicated exclusively to artists born between 1900 and 1950, a much more open and current panorama, with more visibility of the work of women artists, but which maintains many of the problems and attitudes that we see in previous centuries.

Biographical and professional information is given for each artist, including them in their historical and cultural moment , analyzing their work and reporting where some of their work can be found today. Some 681 images of work and period portraits accompany the texts, and the book closes with alphabetical, chronological, country and artistic subject indices, as support for any study, query or research.

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